Our services



We will install any playground equipment according to manufacturer's specifications to meet current guidelines.Our customers are assured that experienced personnel will install equipment in a timely, professional manner. We keep the customer informed through each phase of the project and encourage owners to be involved in the total installation process


We will inspect and advise on the most efficient means of bringing existing playground equipment into compliance with regulations.

As part of our service, we provide a detailed audit report that demonstrates a comparison between CPSC standards and the equipment's condition. Our inspections and audits are conducted by a CPSI and findings are presented in hard copy and digital format. The inspection and audit also includes a site inventory and photos of compliance issues. Our service is extremely comprehensive and is designed to give customers a broad knowledge base. Please contact us to discuss the complete package.


We will consult with playground owners to determine the overall play value of equipment. We will also provide project management assistance and aid the customer in establishing a safety program. This includes staff training and/or workshops. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss your playground needs



We will help customers routinely maintain their play environment. We can develop a site-specific rotating maintenance schedule that allows for effective risk management. As with each of our services, our maintenance development program is tailored to each customer's specific needs.The amount of money spent on loss recovery due to the 200,000 annual playground injuries, in the United States alone, is overwhelming. We believe a maintenance program involving risk management will ultimately reduce the number of injuries children sustain.


We will remove and re-install equipment to another location on-site or off-site.

In the event of site expansion, existing playground equipment can be removed and stored until the new construction is complete. Upon completion, we will re-install equipment in the new location.



We will install loose fill or unitary surfacing according to CPSC guidelines. We will also build or install a use-zone border to contain loose-fill surfacing.



We routinely prepare the site on which play equipment is to be installed by providing both ground preparation and equipment removal.



We will add a concrete foundation for bolt down equipment or form and pour a custom trike track.

We are also able to pour custom sidewalks and concrete borders to contain loose fill surfacing.